O’Kam Coffee Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997 with the single objective of promoting the culture of real coffee in Hong Kong. 
In those days, coffee sold in the restaurants & cafes were almost local styled, which was acid, bitter, without flavour,….  Although freshly ground coffee could be found in the coffee shops of hotels, most of the qualities were below standard.  Moreover, rare people had ever seen coffee bean, fully automatic coffee machine was seen an innovative design….  All these drove the founder of O’Kam to import high quality coffee and Italian coffee is considered the best so far.

Why we select Arcaffè-Italy: it’s so simple.  Arcaffè is
a Coffee Roaster, not a manufacturer. They are
passionate in coffee.  Arcaffè coffee was also the prized coffee highly recommended by a group of coffee experts and coffee lovers in a campaign.

Why Arcaffè-Italy selects O’Kam: it’s also very simple.  We have the sole common objective: that of promoting the culture of high quality coffee.  And, because of that, O’Kam bec
omes the sole agent of Arcaffè S.p.A. for HKSAR and China.


Arcaffè coffee has not only been awarded ISO 9002 quality certificate but also certified by the Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati
-CSC Italia (the Italian Association of Special Certified Coffees), which sets out rigid control procedures to safeguard the quality of the product, from the plant to the coffee-cup.  It can guarantee the consumer: true quality.

To make a cup of good coffee, coffee maker plays an important role.  This is the reason why we select Saeco as our business partner.

Saeco-Italy has become the leader in the sector of domestic and professional coffee machines since 1976.  By pressing a button, Saeco fully automatic coffee machine grinds from whole beans, doses, tamps, brews and dispenses.  Used grounds are automatically ejected.

In order to achieve our objective of promoting the culture of real Italian coffee, we launched O’Kam Coffee Package.  We provide our customers fully automatic coffee machines for use free of charge.  So that, our customers can enjoy the real coffee whenever they want and in a very simple way but with a professional coffee brewing result.

From 1997 to present, we have accumulated a wide-range customer base with Arcaffè finest coffee bean and Saeco professional coffee machines together with our top-quality services and in-depth coffee knowledge, from small/medium size companies to large listed corporations.  Coffee shops, cafes, fine dining restaurants and country clubs are also our valued customers.  Our skillful and efficient service has gained lots of appreciations.  We are proud of it.

Other than coffee and coffee machine, we can offer more for our catering customers, which is Arcaffè Concept: making a coffee shop/café exclusive by a historic coffee theme.

In Australia, it is popular for coffee shops/cafes or even restaurants having a theme of a coffee brand.  Of course, the quality of the coffee must be fine.

A market research carried out by Cirm in Italy found that most of consumers tend to choose coffee bars which offer certificated coffee and the coffee-bar owners should inform the public that he sells guaranteed and certificated coffee by means of notices posted on the bar door or advertisements inside.

We believe that this will be a trend in Hong Kong soon and in fact more and more catering customers are getting interested in Arcaffè Concept.

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